Community members may also serve on a variety of museum committees which are listed below. Some committees are ongoing while others are for a specific event or purpose. Time commitment is up to the volunteer.

Permanent Committees

Executive Committee

The committee reviews board matters and develops the meeting agenda. The committee analyzes the current museum operations and develops staffing and financial plans to ensure the museum’s continued operation.

The committee develops personnel policies and guidelines; negotiates with contract personnel, performs the annual review of the Executive Director, and reviews any complaints of unlawful workplace harassment or discrimination filed by museum employees or volunteers.

The committee periodically reviews the bylaws and recommends changes in them to the board as needed.

The board officers (President, Immediate Past President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) are ex-officio voting members of this committee.

The committee meets at least monthly or more frequently as needed.

Collections Committee

The committee establishes collections policies, reviews collections procedures and activities and ensures compliance with standard museum ethics. The committee makes recommendations to the board regarding collections’ acquisitions and de-accessions. The committee meets quarterly or more frequently as required.

Development Committee

The committee creates and implements a resource and fundraising plan to meet the needs of the museum. It oversees the membership, donations and grants programs and engages in activities designed to produce success in these three areas. The committee meets monthly.

Facilities Committee

The committee develops an overall site plan for the house and grounds, and recommends annual restoration and maintenance projects to the board of directors. The committee meets as required.

Finance Committee

The committee reviews the monthly financial records and statements of the museum for accuracy, and presents its findings at the monthly board meetings. The committee develops the museum’s annual budget and recommends it to the board. The committee meets monthly.

Marketing Committee

The committee develops marketing goals to supports the museum’s programs, events, exhibits and fundraising initiatives and engages in activities to accomplish them. The committee meets monthly.

Nominating Committee

The committee evaluates potential board members and develops an election roster for the board of directors. The committee also develops a roster of officers for the annual meeting in December. The committee meets as needed.

Programs Committee

The committee reviews existing exhibits, programs and events, and develops ideas for new exhibits. The committee meets monthly.

Special committees

Sheep to Shawl

This committee develops and implements the Sheep to Shawl Fall Festival activities, securing vendors and demonstrators, coordinating marketing efforts with the Marketing committee.

Sweet Home Walla Walla

This committee plans and implements the Sweet Home Walla Walla Historic Tour, selecting homes, securing sponsor and advertising revenue, coordinating marketing efforts with the Marketing committee, conducting post-event reviews to ensure the event’s continuing appeal.

Textile Center

This committee is responsible for developing and implementing textile center programs, including the spin-ins and textile classes.

Victorian Christmas Jubilee

This committee is responsible for developing and implementing the annual Christmas open house held the first Saturday of December.


When You Visit

The museum is open on Wednesday through Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm and on Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm. It is also open by appointment.

Admission is $7 per person or $25 for a household. Admission is free to all NARM and ROAM members. Kirkman House is also a Blue Star Museum that welcomes current servicemen, armed forces veterans and their families.